Sunday, 4 November 2012

the egyptian paradox

when blacks are writing their résumé, they make it point to highlight their contributions to the civilized world, like building the pyramids at giza and how the greek philosophers were influenced by ancient egyptians
for example here is a verse from freemasons a song by rickross and jay z1
“...big contracts, big contractors
built pyramids, period
we masters
no caterpillers, it was just a lot of niggas
a lot of great thinkers and a lot of great inventors...”

okay, i know you don’t really care much about the rumblings of a fat man drunk on mild success, so let’s see what the black scholars have to say

chikn anta diop, a Senegalese historian has argued that pythagorean theory, the concept of pi, geometric formulas and the screw and level are only some of the inventions from north africa
george g. m. james in his book the stolen legacy argues that the ancient egyptians developed the concept of the right angle, which is the basis of the pythagorean theorem. it is reflected in the designs of the ancient egyptian pyramids, which were initiated centuries before the birth of pythagoras2
philosophers such as plato and aristotle and scientists such as copernicus, kepler, galileo, and newton based their works , to some extent, on pythagorean ideas3

the funny thing is though, we blacks refer to modern day egyptians as terrorists or arabs (on a good day) but rarely call them africans. for some reason, we are not so proud of them yet we take credit for their work. we like to think that the modern day  egyptians are cut from a different cloth compared to the ones we are so proud of, but this is hardly the case, recent DNA studies have indicated that ancient egyptians had an approximate 90% genetic commonality with modern egyptians, which would make the current population largely representative of the ancient inhabitants

if we don’t feel comfortable being associated with the modern egyptians, then we shouldn't take credit for the blood, sweat and tears of their ancestors.

 3-universe of numbers by ralph m lewis
 2-the stolen legacy by george g. m. james
 1-rickross ft jay z freemason

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  1. Love the rap references. People love to associate with success. if its good, then Africans built the pyramids, if it sucks, then its fuck those Arabs. Also, more pics! Walls of text tempt tl;drs