Monday, 12 November 2012

letter to the tree huggers

recently some business entity in lugazi had plans of replacing a forest of trees with a forest of sugar canes. this would probably have created thousands of jobs on top of having ripple effects throughout the economy, but the tree huggers couldn't let this happen
it begs the question, aren't we respecting trees a little too much, are we putting the trees a head of human needs?
let’s take a look at some of the said “benefits” of having trees around

they help support life on earth, by this we are talking about helping  creatures like snakes and mosquitoes enjoy their stay on earth......okay, either these environmentalists are immune to things like venom and malaria or they are high on something

trees also help maintain the quality of water and air, the basic essentials for the existence of life which would be very good if we did not have industries dedicated to providing these kind of services ie. air purification people, the air conditioning guys, the mineral water guys, the list is endless. so in actual sense trees are stealing jobs from us and the fact that they are doing so with our devoted support is just plain ridiculous

things like medicine, which many believe are essential to human health, are got from trees. looking at this from the shallow point of view, the point where our environmentalist friends seem to be stuck at, this is a good thing. but given the fact that supply tends to create its own demand, the fact that trees provide medicine means we have sick people around, if the trees didn’t provide medicine we would only have two kinds of people; the living and the dead and no sick people to worry about. yes we would have less people, but who said the human race was endangered.

“trees act as carbon sinks absorbing carbon dioxide and keeping global warming at bay”, if i had a nickel for every time i heard this, i would buy a noose. 
for starters, one cannot definitively claim that global warming is manmade. how sure are we that the temperature changes the earth is undergoing are not natural cycles which the earth goes through every 100,000 or so years?
for finishers, environmentalists sit in their overpriced, partially eco-friendly offices where they are secured from reality and predict the end of the world like the world is going to fall apart while science and technology remain stagnant ,which isn’t the case. science keeps advancing to solve the various problems faced by the human race, for instance the iphone 20 (iphone xx) could have an app which turns green house gases into chocolate.

am not saying we should cut down all the trees, hell no, this particular tree am sitting under while writing this should be off limits to lumberjacks.


  1. Pick your cheque from Mama Mabira at Parliament Ave. :D this is one hilarious piece! I totally love the irony!

  2. iphone 20 I had wl cme in gender versions were u choose to either purchase a male or female phone.
    I wana b around by then to be able to purchase both n c wat happens when I put both in my one pocket.
    great work tho